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About us is a company based in Pune consisting of a group of enthusiastic individuals who aspire to make a difference with their innovative ideas and the quality of products they build or services they provide.

Chinmay Shah, Managing Director of the company has completed his Masters in Computer Science from University of Southern California, USA. There he was working under the guidance of Dr. Clifford Neuman, the inventor of the world famous Kerberos system. After observing and experiencing the success of online education in USA, its benefits to the students, as well after considering the huge scope that the currently nascent Indian education market offers, he decided to build e-learning products in India which will cater specifically to the needs of the Indian students.

Chinmay Shah along with Amit Sharma, Rakesh Relan (Software Developers and Core members of the team) and Meenakshi Thapa (Principal Coordinator) and the remaining team consisting of software developers, number of experienced teachers and other related technicians has been working hard over an idea for the past 16 months. They have now come closer towards realizing their aims by launching

We are now looking forward towards leveraging the innovativeness as well as the usefulness of this website to reach to a vast section of the Indian education market. Our overall long term aims and objectives are summarized as below:

1) It was our aim to build a product/service which would be firstly, scalable and secondly, one which will try to make some difficult/tricky things easier/simpler with the use of intuitive and innovative web based technologies.
2) Becoming the leading web based provider of educational products/services to students belonging to the higher secondary category in India within a time span of 2 years of our first launch in the market.
3) Leveraging the use of innovative web based technologies to provide a scalable platform for our educational products/services.
4) Expanding our reach not only to the prosperous and middle class section of the urban society but also reaching out to a large number of potential customers/clients in remote/rural areas of the country.
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